Foremost Sales provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience to customers in Richmond, Virginia. Located in North Chesterfield, Foremost Sales offers an ever-changing mix of merchandise at amazingly low prices.

Come find your next great deal on clothing, electronics, tools, luggage, household appliances, toys, seasonal goods, industrial products and much more. And don’t miss our public auctions. You never know what you may find.

Safety and health are guiding principles at Foremost Sales. Our employees do jobs that require physical strength, attention to detail, precise body coordination and knowledge of safety protocol.

Like employees at many other businesses, Foremost Sales employees must make safety decisions every day that can affect their lives and our company. They rely on information from our weekly employee meetings and safety activities to make safe, informed decisions. Here’s how we were able to do so:

  1. Create “safety culture” in your company. Launch an employee-run safety and wellness committee that motivates employees, monitors employee safety, creates engaging employee safety activities and distributes safety information.
  2. Hold monthly employee safety information sessions.
  3. Test employee knowledge of safety procedures.
  4. Make observations of employees conducting business. Suggest improvements or commend the employees on safety excellence.
  5. Hold employee recognition ceremonies for safety milestones and employee accomplishments.
  6. Post safety information in the breakroom or employee lounge.
  7. Establish a formal emergency exit route.

Foremost Sales employees have amassed more than 8 years of zero lost-time injuries. How were we able to accomplish such a long-standing record of safety? Our commitment to employee safety education and training, and our ability to keep employees engaged in safety culture. Join us.