Hydration – Prepare Yourself

As the temperature begins to change for the northern hemisphere, it is important to begin increasing your daily water consumption. Follow these tips to develop good hydration habits to prepare yourself for the coming months. Choose water instead of caffeinated beverages. Reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake. Drink plenty of water, even if your are … Continue reading Hydration – Prepare Yourself

The Importance of Sleep

Falling asleep and waking up are controlled by a number of chemical changes in the brain and the blood. Both REM and deep sleep are essential parts of the normal sleep cycle. Foods and medicines that alter the balance of these chemicals also can affect how well we sleep. For example: Caffeine, which is found … Continue reading The Importance of Sleep

Keys to Preventing Dehydration & Heat Related Illness

According to WebMD, prolonged or intense exposure to hot temperatures can cause heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat stroke. As your body works to cool itself under extreme or prolonged heat, blood rushes to the surface of your skin. As a result, less blood reaches your brain, muscles, and other organs. This … Continue reading Keys to Preventing Dehydration & Heat Related Illness